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Love and Lists Review

Love and Lists, Chocoholics #1 - Tara Sivec

 4.5 Grow-up stars!!!




If you don’t want to look like the crazy homeless who has laugh-attacks in the middle of the street read this in the privacy of your house.

Unless you want to be the crazy person who laughs alone in public, in that case: Go ahead. Go read this in a full bus or something.


If you’re expecting the cute, penis-obsessed and hilarious little Gavin, forget it. He’s now all grown up and a sexy man. (Still hilarious, tho.)

And working in the family business, Seduction & Snacks (In the seduction part of it!), he is in love with Charlotte (Liz’s older daughter) since he was a little children.

The downfall? She is her best-friend forever and he believes she doesn’t see him as anything more than a friend.



So he and his-friend, Tyler, decide to do a list with all the things he has to do in order to make Charlotte notice him, and people, get yourself ready because this is going to be AWESOME!!!

What he doesn’t know is that Charlotte is also in love with him since she was a little child, and all the things that she does are also in order to make him notice her. But there’s the second downfall: Their families are completely bat-shit crazy and always get in the middle.

No really, all of them are COMPLETELY F*CKING CRAZY.





One thing, if you expect the adults from Chocolate Lovers to have grown-up and now being responsible and moderate adults…yeah, I’ve got bad news for you.

They didn’t.

They still are crazy, absolutely hilarious and still say the most inconvenient things in the most inconvenient situations. They’re awesome as ever.


And the sons and daughters of all of them (Including Gavin and Charlotte)? They are even worse than their parents. If you think Tara Sivec couldn’t write more fun characters than the first ones, wait until you meet the second generations. (I’m a little sad we didn’t get to meet Sophia, tho.)


Bottom line? Gavin and Charlotte’s path to forever isn’t going to be easy, but believe me: It’s going to be awesome and you will cry laughing-tears. I love the best-friend-to-lovers kind of story and theirs didn’t disappoint.



So, if you’re in need of a good laugh: Go read this book.