Too many books, too little time.
Lexi, Baby - Lynda LeeAnne It took me a lot of time to decide reading this book, because I really disliked the synopsis and when I don’t like that the book pretty much loses all interest for me. Still, it was always appearing on my recommendations and one day I found myself bored and decided to see the reviews. One amazing review totally got me and I started reading it immediately… and boy, was I missing out!


First let me start with Landyn. He’s an alpha-male to the core. He’s possessive, protective, absurdly sexy and strongly passionate. And he was completely in love with Lexi. Obsessively in love with her. Until that one day then went to a party days before they went to college and he gets insanely drunk and the Destiny, the school whore that always wanted a piece of him start sayings things and making him doubt of Lexi and he’s so drunk that actually believes it and have sex with her in the bathroom. And Lexi finds out and have to hear EVERYTHING. She broke up with him immediately and says that never wants to hear from him again. He tries to explain, but understandably she doesn’t want to hear him and goes away. And then leave town and go to college to don’t have to see him again.
The last thing she hears from him, it his yelling saying to her;

“You’re mine Lexi! No matter what happens, you’re mine! Do you hear me?”

Six years later, Lexi is with Ryan and never heard from Landyn again after the break up and after he stopped trying to call her. Until the day that because of an unfortunate coincidence Landyn finds out that Lexi hided something from him all those years and go back to her, decided to do everything on his power to mend the past and get back what is his.
And believe me when I tell you he is an alpha-male. The way he acts after he gets back is insane, he’s taking no prisoners! He knows what he wants and he has absolutely no problem pursuing it. And don’t feel bad for Ryan (Lexi’s boyfriend). He is basically an asshole. She’s way better with Lan, they belong to each other. This is obvious five seconds after they laid eyes on each other after six years.


This book is an emotional roller-coaster since page one until the end of the epilogue. But it’s a great ride! Landyn is great. Lexi is also great, she is a strong badass girl, that already had too much on her plate and take shit from no one and Trish is just awesome. She is probably the greatest best-friend ever created. Adam is also very good and Layla is just adorable!!.
This is a page-turner that you’ll love to read. It totally worth the angst! :)