Too many books, too little time.
The Proposal - Katie Ashley This was better than the first one. It pick ups right from the end of "The proposition" and after Aidan had been a bastard.

The good think about this book is that Aidan is truly sorry, regretful and is willing to do anything to get Emma back.
So, when she has to stay in bed for two weeks due to a pregnancy scare, he proposes to take care of her in that time.
In this time they grow closer than ever but Emma is still scared of being hurt again. And one doctor that she met in the hospital is very interested in her and he wont make Aidan's life easier!

The book is very sweet and the end is really endearing. It's the end everyone deserved and that we were waiting for! :)
It's a light and predictable book, but very good within the genre.
Enjoy! :)