Too many books, too little time.
On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) - Samantha Young First, I've got to say I have a serious problem with the word "shag". Every time I've read it, I burst into laugh and it's not supposed to be a funny word. I really don't know why how found it so funny, probably because I remembered of Austin Powers all the times I see it.

This is book was so sweet! Joss is a girl who lost her family and a year later, her best friend when she was a teenager. Without no one and a big inheritance, she goes to Scotland the country were her mother was born.
After a while there, when she is trying to become a writer, she meets Braden when they had to share a cab on her way to see an roommate announce. Later, when she moves to the new apartment to live with Ellie, she finds out that Braden is Ellie's brother.

Well, she is a girl with a lot of problems. She can't trust no one, she don't open herself for nobody and she has panic attacks every time she has some kind of memory from her family. He is a sexy (SEXY!) man who is very interested in her and will do everything to have her. Especially because they are obviously completely attracted to each other.
Well... you can see which direction this is going!
The evolution of the romance is very sweet, funny and of course, very sexy!

This is also one of those books where the secondary character made all the difference. They are great- I loved Ellie, Adam (and their story as well!) Rhian, Jo, Casey, their family... well, basically I liked everyone in this book!

Now I want the second to see a little bit more of Joss and Braden! :)