Too many books, too little time.
Forever My Girl - Heidi  McLaughlin Well, I have a soft spot for Sexy Rockers with a heart of gold, so basically this book got me hooked from the first chapter.

Liam is a guy that ten years ago left everything behind to try to succeed in the music business: college, his best friends, his family and the girl who he was in love with.
Ten years after his one of the most famous rock stars in the country… but he’s empty. Music it’s all he have now. His best friends are in the same town he left once and he doesn't talk with them for years.
So is the girl he left and that he still loves. He thought he could move on from her but he couldn't, from ten years now he never stops loving her. Every song he ever wrote were all about her and the love they once shared.
When he finds out that his Mason, his former best friend died in a car accident he goes back to Beaumont to his funeral. He just wants to talk to Katelyn (Mason’s widow) and their daughters that he never met. And maybe, see Josie.

Josie is Katelyn best friend. She is sweet, sassy, a fighter, and a very loyal friend. They are almost sisters since high school, back in the days were they were cheerleading for their guys, Liam and Mason. Until that one day, Liam left her without her understanding why, because she knew that they have that one in a lifetime kind of love.
He left her with a broken heart that didn't heal from ten years and… something more.
Now she is engaged with a very jealous fiance and thinks that everything is finally going to be okay… but then Mason dies and Liam is back in town.

He is determined to get her back, after all, she is still his girl. She is afraid because he left once… and he could leave again. And if he leaves again, this time is not only her heart that he’ll break.
The renew of their romance is so sweet. It’s amazing to see how after ten years they are still completely in love with each other and that only took one look to all those feelings have got back to the surface.
And there are flashbacks to the past, when they were happy together that show us how good they were with each other and that they really had something special.
They belong to one another and no time could change that.
But ten years change many things… could they be together now after all that happened before? Could she forgive him and give a second chance?

This book is so damn beautiful!
And if you like swoon-worthy guys… Oh, you’re going to love Liam!!

“I love you Josie. You’re forever my girl…”