Too many books, too little time.
Breathe Into Me - Amanda  Stone This was an unexpectedly good reading.
This is not an original story. It’s your traditional NA book where two broken souls found each other. But that doesn't mean that is not good. On the contrary, it’s really good.
Kelsey and Kane are two persons with a traumatic past, with trouble trusting other people and opening up. They both just want to be able to get rid of the guilt they feel about what happened and finally be free.

Like two similar broken souls looking for the same thing they are drawn to each other the first time they meet. Some call it love at first sight.
And as the time passes and their romance grows they realize that maybe need each other to finally move on and be free.

I loved the evolution of their romance: It was sweet, it was very realistic and so good to read. There are also very sweet grandparents, great best friends, really stupid people, really bad people and the perfect amount of drama and good steamy scenes.
A little predictable sometimes but that doesn't really hurt the quality of the book.
And not to forget: The hero is a sexy, tattooed, lip pierced guy with dimples. Yes, dimples. So just for that the book is worthy!


Go read it people. :)