Too many books, too little time.
Complete Me: A Novel - J. Kenner What can I say about his third installment? A really good ending to the trilogy and definitely my favorite in the series.


Damien and Nikki have already been through hell, but apparently it was not yet enough because it not seems possible for them to have a 5 minutes rest.
They’re more in love than ever and they both need the other to heal and to soothe their wounds and everything its perfect when they’re alone, but they can’t live in a bubble forever. The outside world and their own traumas threaten to come between them.


Between Damien’s trial, the things from his past that are on the edge of becoming public which could be a big issue, between his past and her fears, the people that are always trying to come between them and a stalker that has no rest on pursuing Nikki wherever she goes with alarmingly unknown intentions, it seems the whole world is unite to try break them apart.
Damien needs to be in control, Nikki needs the pain to remember that she always can overcome it, and they're the only ones who can give that to each other and completely trust the other with their ghosts.
But despite their complete love and faith in the other… sometimes life’s a bitch and love is just not enough. And sometimes the ghosts from the past are too big and just can't stay hidden in the past.
And that’s a struggle that they'll have until the end when they'll have to realize if their love can really overcome everything or if sometimes things aren't just meant to be.


I loved this book. Every part of it.
The romance and the steam are all here and even better (yes, it’s possible!) and the characters we came to love (Damien, Damien!!!) are better than ever.
It was a very good ending to the series, although a have just one small complaint: the end was TOO short.
After all they'd been through they deserved a SO MUCH better (and longer) ending.
Don’t get me wrong: is sweet and everything we hoped for, but too simple and too fast.
I really hope that the author will do a separate epilogue or something like that, because this trilogy really needs it.

Seriously, if you read the previous ones in the series you can’t miss it! ;)

*ARC courtesy of Random House, provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*