Too many books, too little time.
Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2) - Kristen Ashley Okay, once more Kristen Ashley didn't disappointed (I don't think that’s even possible) and this was a pretty good book.

So this is the story of Sylvie and Creed. Sylvie is Knight’s best friend and Creed is the only man she loved.
Both coming from a really bad past, they had a promise that on the day of Sylvie’s 18 years old birthday they would ran away together, but Creed never shows up (later we find out why, and well, he had a good justification) and she doesn't see him for the next 16 years.
Now they have to work together, but 16 years later she is still hurt and she stills feel betrayed by him and she closed herself to any other relationship in the time frame.
But the feeling they once had are back (or never left, in first place) so they are preparing themselves for a crazy ride. And hot as hell, too.

I must confess that I much as I liked this book (and I did!), all I could think through the most of the book was: “Knight was so much better”. I couldn't fully connect with the characters and there was some things in the story that prevent me from entirely love it.
Maybe I was ruined by the first book and my expectations were too high. That’s a strong possibility.

Nonetheless, was a really good book and you shouldn't miss out on this series! ;)