Too many books, too little time.
Edible (Exquisite, #3) - Ella Frank This third and final book in the Exquisite Series was the story of Rachel and Cole.
As you all know (or at least you should know it by now!) Rachel is Mason’s sister and Cole is Josh’s friend and lawyer.

And let me tell you people, if you haven’t start reading this series I advise you to “get on it” and real fast because I'm telling you, you're seriously missing out. And I’m always right on these things. And everything else, for that matter. Stop laughing!
Let me just start by telling you:


I already loved the first two, but this? This was by far the best. I loved every single moment of it. It would go from tremendously sweet to extremely hot in nanoseconds and I didn't knew if I should smile or spray myself with very cold water… but it was one of the best readings I had in a while. The heroes made me love their story from page one.

“How is it that you make me want so many things I had sworn I could do without?”

Cole is sexy as sin. Believe people, there’s nothing hotter than a slightly bad tattooed alpha-male hiding under a suit. NOTHING. I think I fell in love with him and he definitely shook my book-boyfriends list.


Rachel is also pretty awesome. She stands up for what she believes and wants and don't let her past get through her. Or at least she tries hard.
Their chemistry was amazing and we feel connect to them during the whole length of the book.

I loved to see all the other characters from the previous books and that epilogue was great. It was SO good and hopefully, we’ll see more of them in Logan’s book that I CAN’T wait to read.
Again… if you haven't read this series yet, go start now. Better late than never! :)