Too many books, too little time.
Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy I didn’t expect this book to be better than the first, but surprisingly, it was!
It picks up two months after Drew have left Fable and he’s miserable. He is losing important games, can’t concentrate on college and only can think about her, but he’s afraid of going to her and says he’s sorry because he can’t deal with the fact that she could send him away.
One day he finally decides to leave his shell and go to a birthday party of a friend in a new restaurant, the same place where Fable recently started working. And when they see each other they realize that neither of them moved on and all drama starts again.

Fable problems are very present in this book and Drew’s past takes a whole new surprisingly turn that changes everything, but this time they are together and try to get through everything as an “us”.
But when both of them are broken and dark, do they really have anything to offer to the other?
Owen is more present and I really liked him, he’s very protective of Fable and is delightful to see.
Adele is back and better than ever (or should I say worst?) and she really have an important role in the story development.

And then it comes to the end and it’s everything we hoped for with just a flaw. It misses an epilogue.
I really hate when end-of-series-books doesn’t have epilogues. We need to see what happens in the future and as good as the end of the book could be… it ALWAYS needs one. And a very good one if you must.
But I still have hope that will be a third book with Jen and Collin’s story, that’ll show us more about Drew and Fable.
If you liked the first one, go read this. It’s better!