Too many books, too little time.
The Love Game (The Game, #1) - Emma  Hart Say hello to Maddie and Braden.
She is a beautiful girl, with a troubled past and a very hard time trusting in other people, opening up just for her best friends.
Braden is the ultimate college playboy that uses girls as the same speed he changes his underwear and he share his best-friends with Maddie’s best-friends so he knows who she is and he’s attracted to her. Like apparently almost every other guy is campus.
One night Maddie’s friends decide to do a bet: Make Braden fall in love with her in a month, sleep with him and then dump him, in order to make him understand what he does to girls. At the same time Braden’s friends have their own agenda: Since Braden is so attracted to Maddie, made her fall in love with him in a month so he can sleep with her and get her out his system.
So, when their relationship starts they both know is just a game and that the rules are very clear: One month, have sex, let go.
But when they start to have a fake relationship that is anything but fake, when they start to spend more time together and knowing each other better the lines start to blur and feelings start to seem very real.
And they have to decide if they still want to go all the way with the game.


This is an easy reading. Light, sweet, sexy and fast to read. Precisely what you will need between those angsty books! ;)
The characters are very likeable, although sometimes Maddie have got me on my nerves.
Braden, after passing the whole “asshole playboy” is really sweet and sexy and their friends are really good. I enjoyed the whole group dynamic.
And even though is a very predictable history, don't worry; it’s still a very good one. Especially because even though is huum… fake they have a really sweet relationship. It’s so good to see!


“And that's the bottom line. It always will be. She'll always be mine – and I'll always be hers.”

Go read it now, people! :)