Too many books, too little time.
Feel the Rush - Kelsie Leverich 3.5 Skydiving Stars!

Meagan is looking for the safe guy. She’s done with the bad boys, the playboys, the ones who want to just enjoy.
She just wants someone who comes home every night at the exactly same hours and lives with her in a house with a white picket fence, a dog and 3.45 kids. Yeah, for a moment there you’ll just want to tell her:


And then she meets Reed. A rush and adrenaline addicted he just wants to take life one day at a time. No commitments, no long-term plans, no chains.
And although they both had good reasons to be, and act, that way, this make them both exactly what they are NOT looking for.

But their attraction is undeniable and it’s good to see how they try to fight it (while at the same time pursuing each other, obviously.) and knowing that is basically useless.
But that’s the deal with books: The characters just don’t listen to you!!

This is very sweet, well written and with real likeable characters.
If you’re in the mood for the “light and fast” sweet romance kind of story, this is the book for you! ;)