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The Only Exception - Magan Vernon Meet Trey and Monica:

Monica is a liberal who have only two rules:
1-Never date a fraternity boy.
2-And DEFINITELY, never date a republican.

And Trey Chapman breaks both of them. Not to mention he is the son of the ultra conservative and republican governor of the state. It’s just a shame he is so damn beautiful.
But Trey has one rule too: Never say no to a challenge.
And Monica Remy it’s a challenge that he is more than willing to oblige.
So get ready because you’re going to see the sexiest and sweetest political battle ever.

This book started a little slow and with a little bit too many political discussions, but it picked up real quickly and soon became a very good book.
Monica is broken from something that happened in her past and needs time to heal and to trust again in someone, so she has a hard time letting Trey come into her life, but Trey never met someone that can actually argue with him and he it’s not the giving up type.

Their beliefs are completely opposites, their life styles are very different, they both have things they need to struggle with and what could had been a disaster, the author was able to turn in one of the sweetest romance stories that I've ever read. It’s not perfect… but what relationship is?
And there's a lot of steamy scenes that are really good!Yes, the library study session scene.

And if you’re into the strong girl that bends for no one and into the really great guy that steps up and make you solve your problems while holding your hand, you’re going to love this book. It’s really good and the end is kind of surprising, which is very good too.
It’s definitely worth the reading!

“… you bring out the best parts of me and I don't want to be without you.”

*ARC provided by the author for a honest review.