Too many books, too little time.
Officer off Limits - Tessa Bailey 4 Sunshine Stars!

These series should come with a warning: Cops are pretty damn sexy!
I know we love a good bad-boy, but let me tell you, these bad boys in the good side of the law are some hot alpha-males and you just have to know them!!


This third and final book tells us the story of Story (yes, that’s her name!) and Daniel. When Daniel’s mentor and boss goes to the hospital, her daughter comes to visit him.

With a hard past and a recently broke engagement, she really doesn’t need to feel as attracted as she is for her father’s work partner. Especially when they live in different states and he is a known playboy.

Until she starts to know him and finding out a lot more about him than people give credit for and things starts to change.

Daniel don’t believe in being worthy of a girl like her. But he believes in loyalty and Jack’s was very clear when he said: You’re a playboy. Stay the hell away from my daughter.
(not exactly these words, but you get the message.)
You see where this is going, right?? Their reactions were something like:


And well, you know what they say about the forbidden fruit…


And as they start to know more about the other (in many, many ways *discreet giggle* ) feelings starts to change and that could be a problem.
This book was pretty damn good. Tessa Bailey is definitely an author to have on the watch. I think I’ll read basically anything she writes.
Especially if she continues to write hot (oh, so hot!) books like this one. (All of them in this series, really. )
If you haven’t read yet… what the hell are you waiting for??