Too many books, too little time.
Reckless (Thoughtless, #3) - S.C. Stephens This book left me emotionally drained... I don't even know how to start. It was a emotional roller-coaster since the first page. And it was, without a doubt, my favorite one from the trilogy.

I felt almost much angst in this one as in Thoughtless, but it was worth it!
I really liked Kiera in this book, she grown up a lot since the first one and the way she dealt with all the drama was great. I could feel how she was feeling confuse and lost in a world that was completely strange to her, and yet she was extremely mature about everything.
Kellan... well, I obviously loved him. But let's be real... what's not to love about Mr. Sex on a Stick?? He is even better, which I didn't think it was possible!

Another thing I loved in this book was the proximity between all the secondary characters. The friendship between all the members of the band, their girlfriends and even Denny and Abby, that were great. They really became a great family and it was very endearing to see it.

Anna and Griffin quickly became one of my favorites. Their presence in this book was damn great, absolutely funny and it was one of the factors that helped this book turn so good.

In the end... I couldn't ask for anything different. It was the end they deserved after everything they went trough and all the drama during the series.
The last chapters made me actually cry (tears of happiness) and the epilogue was basically... perfect.
Those last chapters made the whole book and the whole drama and cliff-hangers completely worthy.
I'm really sad that it's over now... but I have a lot of hope that SC Stephens will release some sort of short stories about them.

And I will re-read the series over and over until I grow tired of Kellan Kyle. Which is probably going to be never.