Too many books, too little time.
the proposition - Katie Ashley This book is not your normal romance story where they met, fall in love, start a relationship, something bad happens and they break up, they make up, got married, have kids and then end happily ever after.

Oh, no. This starts exactly on the opposite end.
Emma is a very sweet and beautiful girl that by the age of 30 already had to dealt with too much loss in her life. All she wants is a baby, a life that will be forever linked with her own life. However, she's not looking for a relationship, she just wants a child of her own.
After her gay best friend back down on their agreement of having a baby together and afraid of going to a sperm bank, she starts becoming desperate.

Aidan is a very sexy man-whore, used to have everything he wants of women. The only girl that ever said no to him, was....precisely, our sweet Emma. He's not happy about it.
Coincidentally, he finds out what Emma wants a propose to her, he get her knocked up... if they do it by the natural way. Yes, lots of sex.

What they don't expect, is starting to get closer. They find out that they are really good together, not only in bed and feelings start to born, Aidan start to cling to the baby, and that freak him out because he is a commitment phobic. All book revolves around the evolution of her pregnancy and their relationship and is a very cute romance. :)

It took me some time to like Aidan, I was very suspicious of him. When I'm finally started to like him... the stupid cliff-hanger happens and I really wanted to kill him. So well, I've got to go read the second now! :)

It's a light book, perfect to read between heavier books and for those who like sweet and simple love stories! :)