Too many books, too little time.
Fighting for Flight - J.B. Salsbury This book turned out to be something between this:




And this:


Its not that I didn't like the book, I did.I just didn't love it.
I didn't feel the rush to keep reading, didn't had to force myself to go to sleep, didn't have anxiety issues to rush my things and go back to reading like I usually do.

The plot had everything to be a great New Adult book, and although it's good... there's something missing.
The characters lack a bit of profundity and development and the story has a little bit much of drama and sex scenes (and I don't usually have a problem with sex scenes!)

And it was too fast. And when the romance it's to strong and to serious very quickly it always affect the realism of the story. It goes something like this:
Raven and Jonah Love Story
- Week 1: Best friends in the whole damn world incredibly attracted to each other
- Week 2: Boyfriend and girlfriend almost living together
- Week 3: Completely in love with lots of sex and willing to do / give / sacrifice anything for the other
- Week 4: He proposes to her. Yes, really.
- Week 5: Happy and crazy in love ever after

It's a f***ing month! (More or less). Give it a break guys! Breathe!
Anyway, it was kind of sweet and the secondary characters (Yes, Blake!) almost compensate for the rest.
The end it's cute and the cat named Dog it's one of the greatest ideas ever. :P
Isn't the best NA book in the world... but it's worth the reading. ;)