Too many books, too little time.
Perfection - R.L. Mathewson Once again, R.L. Mathewson didn't disappointed!
The Bradford guys are back and better than ever.

This is the story of Jason's cousin, Trevor and his little tenant , Zoe. Like a true Bradford, Trevor is a charming and completely hot playboy with very high standards, poor morals and absolutely no problem with that. But we can completely forgive that, because in the end he is a really good guy with a heart of gold.
Zoe it's an extremely sweet, intelligent and sassy girl,that already had to much misfortune in her life, with a little extra weight and a very low self-esteem. And she read Twilight five times. Yes, five. Why in the world would she do that??

The evolution of their relationship, that starts with a "Exclusively and Merely Sexual Agreement (Yes, we all know were that always leads!), is hilarious and at the same very sweet, because they are completely oblivious to the fact that they are crazy about each other.
And when they actually sort that out... that's when the real and completely psychotic fun, in a Bradford style, begins!

This book has it all. The fun, the sexiness, the food obsession, the absurdly sweet and crazy family, moments with Jason and Haley that are really sweet, the great epilogue (I love when epilogues are far away in the future, it's good to see how they turned up!) and the great and big mystery:
How in the world they keep getting banned from buffet restaurants???

Again, a book series that it's worth the reading! :)