Too many books, too little time.
Where She Went - Gayle Forman I started this book, late night, immediately after I finished the first one. I spent half of my night awake and had to literally force myself to go to sleep before reading the whole book.
I couldn't leave Adam's mind.

If the first one was heartbreaking, this was so damn agonizing!
The story happens in just one night, with the flashbacks that we became used to, and they help to understand most of the actions in the present.
It's just one night, three years after Mia have left Adam and gone to Julliard. One night in New York where he just want to hear her music and that somehow bring them together after so much time.
Adam never stop loving her and everything that happen with him inside that time-frame was always somehow related to her. He never fully learned to live and be happy without her, even after she had sort of abandoned him. He even lost his love for music, even thought he is now the ultimate rock star with the hot celebrity girlfriend.

He is angry with her, full of question and doubts, but as the nigh passes we begin to understand Mia's actions and why she acted that way. And we understand why she did that, why in some way, she run away. This night is also the last opportunity to them, sort like a gift from destiny. Either they find a way to each other again or they say goodbye forever.

It's amazing to see how, even with everything that happened that could have killed any feeling, they still love each other so much. Their feelings never changed, but sometimes it just isn't worth it and that is what they are trying to figure out.

Even with the angst, I loved every single moment of this book. Their reunion after so long, the connection that remains there, the complicity... and the ghosts that needed to be expurgated so they can fully find peace. And yes, the obvious love that they never stop feeling for each other.

This is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time! :)