Too many books, too little time.
Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts In the first chapters of this book, all I could think was: Why the hell does everybody seems to love this??
After a while it started to get better, but not enough for me.
I found this book somehow disturbing and I confess that I didn't found the appeal that everyone seemed to found.
There’s something about the whole situation, the girl being kidnapped, the violence, the abuse that really didn't do it for me and the sweet parts of the book or the background romance couldn't made me forget the rest.
Yes, the end is, in a disturbing and sick way, sweet and almost (key word: almost) compensate for the rest of the book.
And left me with a lot of questions that make me want to read the second, but on the other way…. I don’t know if can’t handle this again!
Mostly because I didn't had the urge to keep reading like I usually do and I almost had to force myself to finish it.
We'll see! ;)