Too many books, too little time.
My Everything (Beaumont, #1.5) - Heidi  McLaughlin This short novella picks up right after Nick go to Africa, when he meets Audrey and fall in love with her.
The book is kind of divided in two different parts; the first one that tell us Nick’s and Audrey’s story in Africa and the second part, when he goes back to Beaumont with her and have to deal with all the people from the past, especially Noah, who he misses like crazy, because after all he was his father figure for several years.
I liked Nick a little more after read his point of view about what happened (But hey, I’m still team Liam all the way!) and I especially like how him and Josie and Liam can come to an agreement about Noah and actually get well with each other. I really liked to see them both again.

Please, keep in mind that you only must read this if you read [b:Forever My Girl|16119079|Forever My Girl (Beaumont, #1)|Heidi McLaughlin||21938104] first. Otherwise you’re going to be utterly spoiled! :)