Too many books, too little time.
Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire In the beginning of BD I found really hard liking Travis Maddox. I didn't understand why Abby felt for him with all the anger issues, the amount of girls, the drinking and everything that made her run away from home in the first place. I thought that she could have done much better than him. But Travis eventually got under my skin and I've started really like him so being able to read the story under his POV was like an early birthday gift.

I loved his mind so much more than Abby’s. In fact, seeing trough his eyes she was kind of a bitch in the beginning… yes, his reputation didn't help his case, but still.
It was so good to understand better some of his actions, the jealousy, the anger, the bad temper and the passion. In the end of the day, Travis is just an over passionate guy that doesn't know how to deal with his feelings and that don’t know what to do with being in love when he find out that the girl he has been waiting for is right in front of him.

So he fights… with her, for her, because for her, since that is the thing he knows pretty well how to do. His mother told him to fight hard and love harder and he will only do that for Abby.

I loved to see why he calls her pigeon because I never really understand that on the first book. It just looked like a lame pet name. I enjoyed meeting a little more of the Maddox family and the epilogue… WAS PURE PERFECTION!
I love epilogues that show us how the characters end far in the future and how their lives turned out to be. This shown us exactly that and was the perfect end for them.
Travis story is completely reading-worthy. :)

And Travis as an FBI secret agent? How HOT was that?!