Too many books, too little time.
Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley This was my first book by Kristen Ashley and I’ve got to say that I obviously didn’t knew what I was missing! This book is damn great.
It won me from the very first page and I found myself cursing because I had to go sleep and couldn’t read anymore. And don’t fool yourselves, this is NOT a cute little romance. It’s a hell of an emotional roller-coaster since the first page and sometimes there’s so much happening at the same time that you’ve got to stop, breath deep, and only after that go back to reading.
I spent half of the time doing something like this:


This is the story of Gwen and Cabe “Hawk” Delgado. For more than a year they have a very special relationship. He appears in her room during the night, they have great sex, he goes away. She doesn’t even know his name but somehow she feels something for him other than just lust.
One day she finds out that her sister from hell, Ginger is in serious trouble, more than the usual anyway, and she makes a bad decision.
That decision make Hawk, that is an ex-army and runs some-kind-of-a-completely-badass-company-that-probably-beats-infidels , come into her life full time, ready to protect her because he just realized that he wants more than just the sex. But when she finally knows who he is, she’s not so sure if she wants him full time because he’s from Badass World and she is from Cosmo Girl World.
But Hawk is a very determined man, and is VERY determined in having Gwen. While fighting in Badass World and trying to solve the Ginger Problem, of course.

All in this book is great. The steam, the sexy badass characters (and believe me, there’s several of them!!), the lack of monotony (there’s ALWAYS something happening!), the secondary characters and the story of those two. They are really damn great… both.
And the epilogue it’s so damn good!


Well, go read it now. ;)