Too many books, too little time.
Music of the Heart - Katie Ashley I've got to say that I have a soft spot (and a real big one!) for sexy musicians, so I-m always kind of suspecting when I talk about books when the hero is, exactly… a sexy as hell musician.
If Katie Ashley already was on my watch list after [b:The Proposition|16062211|The Proposition|Katie Ashley||21850432] series, then she totally win me over with this one.
I liked this book so much!:)

This is the traditional story Bad Boy/Good Girl. But a very good one.
Abby is the daughter of missionary's, come from a very religious background, is studying to be a nurse, her three older brothers have a Christian Rock band and she went to meet them in the middle of their tour.
Then a mistake occurs and she ends up in the wrong bus with the rock band “Runaway Train”, full of sexy rockers and one killer lead singer, Jake Slather. After she kick him in the nuts after he had confused her for a groupie he thinks that a little Angel like her wont last a week in their bus.
They make a bet over it and both of them are more than willing to win it. What they don’t expect, is as the time passes, they find out that maybe they don’t hate each other that much and other feelings start to grow.
But Jake has a dark side, really bad problems, a past that threatens to come between them and on top of that he don’t think is worthy of Abby no matter what she says.
They come from very different backgrounds, have completely opposites life styles and in the end, the feelings that had grown are enough to overcome the differences and mostly... Jake’s dark side?

This book is a page turner and grabbed me from the first chapter. If you, like me, are a sucker for story's with really hot musicians, go read it. :)
I can assure you will love it. :D