Too many books, too little time.
The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle I'm mentally kicking myself for taking me so long to read this book! It was on my TBR list for months and I almost didn't remembered it anymore. Yes, stupid girl.

Jake and Trudy used to be best friends secretly in love with each other until they had 14 years and Jake had to move from UK to US, and he stopped contacted her after their promises of never lose touch with the other.
12 years later, Jake is the lead singer and the boss of The Mighty Storm, one of the worlds best rock bands and Trudy is a musical journalist and have an exclusive interview with him when he starts his European Tour.
After so many years without any kind of contact what they didn't expect was the feelings they used to have for each other being brought to surface again. But now Jake is a famous, billionaire rock musician known for his past with drugs, alcohol and many, many women and Trudy is a normal girl, with a job she loves and a serious boyfriend for more than two years.
But Jake is decided to not let her go again and invites her to go on tour with them and write his official biography and that is an offer she can't refuse.
But if music is what brought them together in the first place, now music and all what's come attached to it, is what could bring them apart again, this time for good. Because now their worlds collide and sometimes is just impossible to get an mid-term.

Okay... this is a seriously sexy book, full of drama, steamy scenes and sexy rock stars. I loved Jake and I really like Trudy as well, although she made wanna slap her in two different times with her stubbornness and indecision. First with Will and then in the end with all the drama with the other girl and the differences in their lives, when was more than obvious that he was willing to do whatever she wanted and that he was telling the true.
The secondary characters are also very good (Yes, Tom!!) and the book is great. (But then again, any book with sexy rockers, for me is a great book!)
Go read it now! :)