Too many books, too little time.
Down to You - M. Leighton Olivia is a good girl who just wants to finish college and find a good guy that is different from the traditional bad boys she always ends up falling for and that always break her heart.
One night, in her best friend bachelorette party, her friends make her undress the stripper in the club they are partying just to find out five minutes later that he isn’t the stripper, but the owner of the club. And that’s how she meets Cash, the sexy bad boy that will make her head go round.
Next morning she sees Cash again. He’s the boyfriend of her spoiled rich cousin, Marissa. Unless he’s not Cash, but Nash, his twin brother, the good boy and the law student.
Yes, there are two of them and they couldn’t be more different!

She is attracted to both of them... and both of them want her.
And even though they are both pretty damn good… Cash totally won me!
Yes, Cash. You’re hot!

We realize since the beginning that both brothers are hiding some secrets and during most of the book it ends up being a little forgotten because we are too busy staying mad at Olivia thinking how can’t she decide which one she wants? How can she want both brothers? And hoping that she choose Cash.
Until she finds out the truth about what the brothers are hiding and let me tell you: I don’t usually am easily surprised by the development of the books. Normally I always suspect of what will happen next, but in this case, holly hell, I HAD NO IDEA! It catches us completely by surprise and my reaction was something like this:


Believe me when I tell you, you will form many opinions about the characters. You will think that Olivia is being a bitch, that the twins are being assholes, that they are all fucked up… but then you will find out the secret and ALL will make sense. And you will bite your tongue and regret all your former opinions.
But it’s worth because the book is really great. :)

And then you will read the epilogue and stay like this:

And you will want to read the next one immediately. Just like me.
Go read it and enjoy! (Especially enjoy Cash!) ;)