Too many books, too little time.
Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton Okay... this book was great! Never, ever, a Search For The Lost O seemed so damn funny.
It was sickly sweet, very sexy and so much fun.

I think this was one of the few times in a book, that I liked more of the girl than the guy.
Caroline it's an amazing female character. She is sweet, honest, sassy, a practical romantic and extremely funny.
And don't get me wrong... I liked the guy too! Simon was sexy, daring and at the same time extremely sweet and caring.
I really like them both and I really could feel the connection and the complicity between those two. And the evolving of their relationship... since disdain, to friendship to love was very realistic and endearing to see.

Their friends are great. The connection between all of them, especially when shown trough phone messages and small talks was extremely amusing.
The end was very sweet.

This is definitely a very fun book and perfect when you need a feel good reading.
It's completely worth-reading.