Too many books, too little time.
Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1) - A. Meredith Walters Oh, well. This is a really heavy book, but one that completely worth the reading.
This is the story of Maggie and Clay. Maggie is an all around average girl: Good grades, nice parents, nice friends, nothing particularly new or exciting happening in her life. Until she literally runs into Clay and nothing about him is boring or average. He deals with serious mental issues and came from a very dark past of bad choices and really bad problems. He just wants to get away and try to get better, but he can’t get away from Maggie and she is not willing to let him go either.

And so starts a romance that will be everything but simple and normal. It’ll be strong, obsessive, addictive and occasionally crazy and dangerous. And as the time passes and everything seems to change around them and everything they fought for is at stake, they have to ask themselves: Could sometimes love not be enough? Could sometimes being together not be the best option?


This is a great book. The author was able to talk about sensitive mental issues with a sweet perfection that make us fall in love with book and see trough the problems. Learn to look at the person that is behind all that dark issues.

Clay, despite all bad attitudes (which are understandable, considering) is a great guy and is impossible not to love him. Maggie is so, so great. She supports Clay trough everything, putting herself behind in some situations. She is a pretty good heroine.
Maggie’s parents and best friends are impossible to dislike either… they are all good persons and even if sometimes they became a little annoying they are just fiercely protective of Maggie.
On the other hand, Clay’s parents are just hateful. F***ing assholes!
And then it came the end and that damn cliff-hanger and I stayed lot or less like this;


And now excuse me. I’ve got to read the second book right now. :)
(Thank God I only started this after the release of the second. Because if not I could seriously have a heart attack right now.)