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Light in the Shadows (Find You in the Dark, #2) - A. Meredith Walters “For my whole life, all of my love.”

This story picks up a few months after Clay sent Maggie the letter telling her to be free and move on and after he has been admitted in Greystone for treatment.
He is miserable but still thinks that he made the best option letting her free and that she’s way better off without him and his problems. The thing is… Maggie didn’t move on. She’s in a bad place without him and doesn’t know or want to move on from Clay.
Until the day that an unfortunate event make Clay take the decision to come home again and they find each other one more time. The feelings that never left are stronger than ever and Clay knows that he already made too many mistakes to try to ask for Maggie’s forgiveness. And Maggie is scared that all the things that happened before will come back because she knows she can’t go through all that again.
But Clay is better, on new meds and things seem slightly better than before, and since they apparently can’t stay away from each other… they try again.


Their story isn’t simpler in this book… is just less angsty because they already know what to expect from Clay and they aren’t hiding his problems anymore. I really loved to see how Maggie’s friends and parents, even with all reservations, accepted Clay back in their life’s and supported Maggie in every way possible.
Their love is once more beautiful to see and is impossible not to fall in love with the two of them together. And they try really hard to be happy but dark clouds are still in the sky and things can go wrong at any time. So they just try to enjoy what they have together while Clay’s find a way to be possible to have a future with Maggie.

“I wish I could say that one day things might be simpler. But the truth is I can’t say that. I wish I could. I can only say, with one hundred percent certainty that I love you. That I live and breathe for you. That I would lay down my life a million times over for you. And no matter what happens tomorrow, next week, next year, my heart will always be yours”

This second book is simply amazing. I loved to see an ending to their sad story and find a way to end up together. I especially love how their love never died even with all the obstacles and problems they had to go through.


One of those books that will stay with me for a long time.
Go read it now, people! :)