Too many books, too little time.
Lightpoints - Peter Kassan This book has a really good premise.
It tells us the story of Amanda. One day she is almost murdered in Grand Central Station by an escaped from a mental hospital and almost dies. In fact, she actually dies for several minutes until the paramedics are able to reanimate her again.
After she suffers the NDE (near death experience), she realizes that something changed. She is now able to see the energy of people as lightpoints. She can sense her traits, her personality, she can see if their energies collide and if they are good or bad people. People like her (Yes, she finds out that are many people who also suffered NDEs and are just like her) also can “suck” or give others people energy.
And if there are people who use that for good… others, like in all situations, use that for bad and for their own power and personal pleasure.

The story is very well achieved and is reading effortless. The writing is appealing and the characters are nicely done.
It gets a little slow in the middle and there are too many parallel stories that sometimes turns a little confusing, but other than that… no complaints!
An easy reading! :)