Too many books, too little time.
This Girl  - Colleen Hoover “…But then . . .
Then this girl . . .
Holy hell, this girl . . .”

I will never understand why I liked these series so much. Mostly because they are (in a very vaguely way) about a boy and a girl that connect through poetry and I fiercely despise poetry. No. Forget that, I know exactly why I like these books so much: Will Cooper. God, he is the sweetest book-boyfriend ever created and have watched this story from his side was a pretty great reading.

Everyone is saying how incredibly amazing this book was and how it deserves almost infinite stars. I’ll be honest here and say that I really don’t see that. Yes, is a very good book. Yes, is a page turner and very appealing to read. Yes, is a pretty good story. But I don’t think that is better than the first ones in the series, the level of quality for me is pretty much the same. And the extremely sweet romance story is present again which is very good to see. They are so in love that is almost painful to see their struggle for not being together.


I will not tell what the story is about because is the same story of Slammed but through Will’s eyes. And it’s intercalated with scenes from their honeymoon allowing us to see Lake’s reactions. Now that they are married and Lake is finally assured of their relationship and that Will is not going anywhere, so she finally starts to ask questions about his past and about things she never felt safe to talk. Now they are together for good and there are no wrong questions.


The amazing secondary characters are all here again, the boys are better than ever and alone make this book worthy: Caulder and Kel are the coolest kids ever! We can see more of Julia’s and Will relation and she was a damn of a wise woman. She was able to predict everything that would happen to them.
Well, in overall was good to see the story from his side, it make me like him and Lake even more.


So, if you’re familiar with these series this is a must-read. Especially because we finally have an epilogue and is SO PERFECT! We can see slightly far in their future and as their story, it’s a great ending.
So, what are you waiting for? :)

“You want to know my sweet?” I ask her.
She nods.
I kiss her on the forehead. “You. Always you.”