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No Attachments - Tiffany King Rating Clarification: 3.5 Stars

Ashton was running away because she was afraid of facing her demons. Nathan was the man hired to find her.
The rules of the job were very simple:
- Find the target.
- Deliver the target to the client.
- Don’t ever get attached.

Unfortunately, when he met Ashton he kind of forgot the last rule. And suddenly not only he didn't wanted to hand her over to his client but he also wanted to find out why she had to run away in first place and save her from what she is trying to escape.


And when they became so attracted to each other that they decide to have a casual-no-strings-attached relationship (Yes, we all know how good they always work!), both fooling each other, they soon discover that keeping things casual and not creating attachments is more difficult that what they first thought.


I liked this book. The story was good, the characters were likeable and one thing that I really liked was that I created dozens of scenarios why she was running away and when I finally found out, it was nothing even close of what I was expecting. That was a really good thing because we're not easily surprised in this type of books.

But although the plot and the characters were good, it lacked some things. The story should had been more developed, the people in the book should had been more deepened and if the book was part of a series the ending would had been good, but as it is a stand-alone the end felt very poor and very incomplete. It was not satisfying enough and I couldn't fully connect with the story.

But is a sweet book with dual POV, which is always good, with a sweet story and very fast to read so it worth the reading! :)