Too many books, too little time.
Fight With Me (With Me in Seattle, #2) - Kristen Proby First, I need to say that these are really good books! Kristen Proby sure knows how to create swoon-worthy alpha males!

This second book tells the story of Jules, Natalie’s best friend, and Nate, her boss whose company they work at has a very strict no fraternization between employees rule.
One night they have an amazing one night stand but in the middle of the night, Jules goes away because she can't face him in the morning knowing that what they doing is wrong and that he probably will get rid of her in the morning, anyway.
Eight months pass and although they are very professional with each other during work, they still are irremediably attracted so they start having a secret relationship that will, without a doubt, change their lives completely.

This second book was so much better than the first. There was less drama that what I was expecting (again!) but this time this was kind of a good thing. Just a simple story of boy meets girl, they fell in love and go through some problems in the relationship trying to adapt each other. Well… all that when they are having a hiding relationship, obviously.

Again, I loved the characters, I already loved Jules from the first one and Nate got me since the beginning. He is a hell of a sexy bad boy hiding under a sexy suited up business man. So basically, sexy all the way.
It was good to see more of Natalie and Luke and more of their families. And now, after a certain part where Will (Jules older brother) were extremely sweet When Jules is fired and go hide in his place. I'm really anxious to start the third one.

So, if you like the cute romance with (a lot!) steam, these books are really great for you!