Too many books, too little time.
Rock with Me - Kristen Proby "…I don’t wanna be your friend
‘Cause I've already let you in
Every time I see your sweet blue eyes
I know I need to make you mine
My walls crumble… And crumble
So all you see is the real me…"

Okay, I probably am biased because every book whose male lead is a pierced and tattooed sexy rock star is a good book to me. I've got a huge soft spot for musicians, but I feel the need to say this anyway: Leo Nash stole my heart.
I know I said that this series keep getting better with each book, and believe me, so far it’s very true, but I don't really think that the next ones will be able top this book.
I was swooning over Leo during the most of the book. (But hey, Will still stand pretty close!)


This fourth book is the story of Leo and Samantha. First I’ve got to talk about Sam… before I read this book I had a lot a doubts about her, even if she had redeemed herself after, she really was a bitch in the first book and I didn't want to read a book about her. After I started reading this book and understand her actions… well, she probably is one of my favorites now. She had strong reasons to act the way she did. Don't fool yourselves: She is still a bitch. But now she is a great and extremely funny bad-ass bitch.

Well, thanks to problems with celebrities in her past and thanks to being Luke’s sister, Sam hates the celebrity world. For being sister of a famous actor she already had too many people trying to take advantage of her and she also made some judgment errors in the past that doesn't help. So, apart for not trusting people, she also has this rule of never dating anyone famous.
Then enters Leo, Meg’s heart-brother, and they are immediately attracted to each other and he clearly wants her, but there’s this little problem: He’s the lead singer of Nash, one of the greatest rock bands of the US and he is extremely famous.


Well, they eventually get together… or else there would be no book, and their relationship is so great.
Leo is a troubled man… but is also extra-protective, sweet and obviously, extremely sexy. The perfect alpha-male.

And the way they make it work with each other, despite the fame and all problems that come attached, despite their pasts and all the reasons that they probably would never work, they really don’t give up... it’s amazing to see. I loved them. And I never thought I would say this about Sam, but she is so damn great.


The rest is pretty much the same of the others books: great plot, great characters, very good to see the old couples and their evolution through the several books.
After reading this series, one of the bests I read in a while, I now want a huge and great family like theirs. They make the books so much better and so much realistic.

Well, I’m done. Go read it, now! ;)