Too many books, too little time.
More than Meets the Ink - Elle Aycart I'll confess that I only start reading this book because I wanted to read the second in the series and I just can’t start reading a series in the middle. I've got always to start from the first.
And in this moment I can honestly say: Thank God for that!

This is a damn good book. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s romantic and in some moments (okay, plenty of moments), it’s really steamy.
And it has a simple story line that balances between sweet and sexy with no major angst or sadness, which I found recently that I like it a LOT. Boy meets girl, some issues, some drama,
(Well, that has to be present!), lots of romance and the mandatory HEA.

This is the story of a girl, Tate, with a traumatic event in the past that she’s yet to recover from and some serious problems in the present. One day meets a guy, James, that she feels attracted to and it’s much reciprocated. They think that a no-strings-attached sexual relationship is the way to go (Why? Why do they always think that?) and yes, we all know where this is going next.

I will now definitely read the second… only this time I will do it also because I want to see more of Tate and James. And because the boys in this book are all perfect examples of sexy alpha-males… and we can't obviously miss that!

A very fast and really good reading. Go try it! ;)