Too many books, too little time.
Heavy Issues - Elle Aycart This was another really good book. I honestly can’t say if I prefer this rather than the first. They’re both just so good!

So, in this book we get to meet Cole, James older brother, the only one who really remembers the leaving of their mother when they were kids and that caused him to develop serious trust issues and he can’t let anyone him. So that’s why he doesn’t do relationships, too complicated and too much trouble.
Unfortunately, his traitor of a brother decided to get engaged and since he and his brothers are the town golden boys, every girl wants to be the next Mrs. Bowen and he’s sick of all the attention of women trying to seduce him.
He has a huge attraction on Christy since she came into town and one night he hears her screaming, completely drunk during a night with her friends, that she does not need a man, just need good sex. And he thinks that, well, he’s the man for that.
So in a moment of pure luminosity he makes a deal with her: Good sex in exchange of fake dates. She gets the sex, he pretends to be in a relationship so the women don’t nag him anymore.
What he does not expect is Christy having problems of her own, too. She has a food addiction and in the past she had a really bad weight problem that she only recovered from trough sponsors and a very strict meal plan. But her trust in herself, her confidence, her self-love… that she never recovered anymore.
So when they get to know each other better, the fake relationship doesn’t look so fake anymore and when their traumas start to get in the way, things start to become complicated and far from the simple sexual relationship they wanted in the beginning.

Again, this book was really funny .I almost choke myself laughing during the restaurant “proposing” scene, has the really good steam we got in the first book and the sweet romance. Another sexy alpha-male. Really, what is it with these brothers??
A very sweet and simple story line, very fast to read. Another page-turner and another great book in a series you really should not miss! ;)