Too many books, too little time.
Naked (The Blackstone Affair, #1) - Raine Miller Rating Clarification: 3.5 stars
After I heard a lot about this series I decided to give it a try.
This story happens during the London 2012 Olympic Games and Ethan is the CEO of the security company responsible for the safety of the event and also responsible for the safety of extremely important people and events. Basically he is the security ultimate expert.
Anyway, one day he meets Brynne at an art gallery where she has her pictures exposed and things start to heat from there. They both have secrets that they're not ready to share and those same secrets are the ones that eventually could bring them apart.

This was not a bad book. I liked it, it was entertaining. It just didn’t wow-ed me.
Maybe it was because it was very predictable or maybe it was because it’s a very short book and the story could have used a little more development.
The characters were good and Ethan (despite the goatee that I tried really hard to ignore) was a very sexy male lead.
I will definitely read the next one. Even if it is only because of the cliffhanger. I don't deal very well with those!