Too many books, too little time.
Release Me - J. Kenner He is Jason and Hercules and Perseus—a figure so strong and beautiful and heroic that the blood of the gods must flow through him, because how else could a being so fine exist in this world?

The first time Nikki saw Damien Stark, tennis star, she is 18 years and he’s part of the jury of the beauty pageant where she is a contestant. They talk for seconds and somehow he makes an impression on her that she never forgets.
Now, six years later Nikki finished college and started her first job but everything about her is just a façade. Inside she is broken, she has issues with her past that she can’t recover from and she used to take comfort in pain.


One night, a few weeks after she moves to LA, she is at a party due to her job when she needs to impress no less than Mr. Damien Stark himself, now a retired tennis star and a billionaire entrepreneur. She thinks that is impossible for him to remember her but she’s mistaken. He remembers her very well. And in the second they met again in the party there’s a crushing chemistry between them that is impossible to be ignored. He wants her, but she’s afraid… she already has too many scars (real ones and figurative ones).


But Damien is a very persistent man and makes her a “art proposition” that she can’t refuse. And with time she finds out that he’s not only a sexy billionaire, he is as haunted as she is… or even more. He needs control in is life… and she needs to be controlled in order for both of them deal with past ghosts.

He’s calling to me. You’re mine, he says. Jump to me. I’ll catch you.

This was a very good… within the sexy-broken-billionaire-with-dark-secrets theme, obviously.
It’s a very fast reading, the female character is actually very lovable and the male one… well, Damien is sexy as sin and you’ll find yourself falling in love with him many times during this reading. And I’m always ready for a sexy character. (Pun unintended!)
The end, although not a cliffhanger, leaves everything open to what can happen next.
Anyway, go read this. You’ll definitely not regret. ;)