Too many books, too little time.
Claim Me - J. Kenner Okay, let me arrange my thoughts before I start this, and let me just say: If you liked Damien Stark in the first book, you’ll love him in this one. Yes, it’s possible for him to become better, who would say?

So, this second books starts immediately after the end of the first, and Damien and Nikki are in the end of their “arrangement” and they both know that they want more than that.
But their relationship comes with a price. After all Damien is a celebrity and the paparazzi don't leave them alone for one second, privacy is almost a mirage and the secrets that they both want to hide from the world start to unravel.
We know more about Damien past as he starts to open up with Nikki and we see her slowly making amends with herself and her past with the help from Damien.
They both want to do whatever it takes to make it works, but the stakes are very high and Damien is hiding something that could jeopardize everything… even more.

Let’s see, the sexy steam is all here, there’s more romance that in the previous and more drama… yes, that is good!!
The characters are all here and they're great as usual. The story is REALLY good and grabs us from the first page to the last one.
Unfortunately, there’s the damn cliffhanger in the end. It’s not a particularly painful one. It’s not the kind of CH that makes us throw the tablet against a wall and scream, but still, it’s one that make us very itchy to read the next book.
I know I can't wait for it! ;)