Too many books, too little time.
Tangled - Emma Chase What can I say about this book?


No really, it is. Is one of those books you will not want to read in public. Especially when you’re alone and can’t pretend to be laughing at something your friend just said.
Drew Evans is a player. He doesn't want relationships, he wants sex. And with a different woman every time: there’s no way he'll ride the same roller-coaster twice. But hey, let’s give the guy a break, at least he’s a honest player. He doesn’t make false promises, does not deceive or trick and does not lie to get women. What you see is what you get. Lucky for him what you see is a sexy and charming as hell successful guy.

One day when he is at a bar doing his favorite sport: Women Hunt, when he sees a woman to whom he feels immediately attracted. And she says no. (Yes, you already love her, right?)
Next day he finds out that she is the new girl at work and there’s only one rule that he has regarding girls: Never f*ck anyone from work.
And when Drew finds himself wanting a girl for the first time and, imagine that!, for more than just sex, starts the most hilarious love quest ever. Trust me, is awesome.

Drew’s mind is amazing. And the book is all from his perspective (10 points for that! We all love some male POV’s). He is a man-whore that has no problems using charm to get what he wants. He is the type of guy that our grandmothers told us to stay away from. And sometimes he is so dumb that you just want to beat him.


But he is so damn funny, so raw and honest and end up redeeming himself so basically is impossible for us not to love him. You'll never want to leave his mind and in the end of the book you will want so much more of him!!

(I promise this is the last Josh’s gif!)

Anyway, this is one of the funniest readings I had in a while. If you're in the mood for a cute romance, with loveable characters, fast to read and with a lot of laughing, you have to read this. No, really, you have!