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Rule (Marked Men, #1) - Jay Crownover Rating Clarification: 4.5 Stars

How can I describe this book in one word? It’s very simple.


Rule and Shaw are united by one bond: Shaw’s best friend and Rule’s twin brother, Remy, which died three years ago.
But since the Archers are the only people that Shaw ever considered family and they see her like a daughter she remained very closed to the family.
On the outside Rule and Shaw are the very opposite of each other. Shaw is a pre-med student, rich and an overall good girl. Rule is a tattoo artist, full of piercings and tattoos and constantly changing hair colors.
On the inside they’re very similar. They both come from conservative families that don’t accept who they are but while Rule don’t care about that and do what he wants in order to be himself, Shaw puts everyone in first place and still lives under her parents standards and orders.


Shaw is in love with Rule since the day she saw him for the first time, seven years ago. Rule have no idea about that and stills see Shaw as the spoiled rich girl who used to date his brother, (despite the fact that they were always telling people they weren't a couple) and with whom he’s forced to spend family time.
One night, in Shaw’s birthday, they end up together and everything changes.
Rule can’t see her in the same way anymore, but she refuses to be one more of the many girls in his bed… so she goes away before he wakes up. But through that day on, things between them will not ever be the same.


I loved this book. I love how they actually have to work to make things right between them. How they have to struggle and overcome so much in order to realize if they could actually stand a change. It was a beautiful story.
The characters (main and supporting) were all great. Rome was probably my favorite.

The only reason that I'm not giving 5 stars to this book, is the punctuation. The lack of it, to be precise. There was a LOT of times where I had to read twice to understand the meaning and it was frustrating. There was several spelling errors too, and you people, really need to learn revising the book before publish it. But the story was so good that was easy to overcome that.

Definitely, one of the best NA books I read! ;)