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Cautious (Disastrous, #2) - E.L. Montes Rating Clarification: 3.5 Stars

Well, this second installment picks up right after the end of the first one.
We have Marcus and Mia trying to rekindle their relationship and fighting for their love at the same time that Marcus “extra activities” make everything harder for them.
So, at the same time that he is looking for a way to have a happy ending with Mia, he is also trying to get out of his second life because he knows that’s the only way it’s going to achieve it.

Okay, this book was good. Not as good as the first but good nonetheless.
The prologue and the epilogue were great (seriously, best parts of the book), there was the romance, the steam… but there were parts along the book that it became a little boring and seemed that nothing was happening.
Anyway, it was a very nice conclusion to the series and I liked to see how their story came to an ending with all the obstacles that they got in their way.

Go read it, now! ;)