Too many books, too little time.
Entice (Exquisite, #2) - Ella Frank Okay, I’ll be short on this one, mostly because I really don’t know what to say except that this was a great second book in this series. Not that’s much of a surprise, anyway.


So, this is the story of Lena’s best friend, Shelly, and Mason’s best friend, Josh. They both got burned by past relationships so when they meet each other they automatically think the worst about the other and don't want anything with each other.
Since they really can’t deny that are completely attracted to each other, they settle on a no-strings-only-sex relationship. (Yes, yes. I know! They always think that’s actually a good idea.)
But while Josh soon realizes that their deal isn't enough for him, Shelly’s fears don’t allow her to acknowledge that too. So he decides to do what it takes to make her see the real thing between them.

What can I say? Another awesome book in a great series: loved the characters, the romance, the steam, loved to see more of Mason and Lena and to have a sneak peak of Rachel and Cole.
I’m definitely falling in love with this author and her books! ;)