Too many books, too little time.
Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Initially I didn’t want to read this book because, let’s be real: The main male is an Arum. After being completely in love with the Lux Series, it felt like I was betraying Daemon Black.
Well, now I’m glad I got over it, as this is a really good book.


So, this book takes place in the world of the Lux Series, where aliens are very real… and very sexy.
Serena sees her best friend getting killed, because she saw too much: she saw Luxens in their true form and talking about something that no one should know. Serena didn’t believed in her at first instance, because, let’s face it: aliens that light up like bulbs? Really??
But the Luxens didn’t really care about what she believed or not and she could be a risk, so, they send someone to kill her.

For reasons that I don’t want to explain now, the DOD hired Hunter, an Arum at their service, to protect her. Displeased is a very soft word for what he felt about having to babysitting her when he could be doing so many better things.
But well, she’s not very pleased either and she wants to make sure he knows that.
The time passes, she’s in danger, their alone and attracted to each other, and things start to happen. If you want to know more you really have to go read the book, now.


What can I say? Serena is a pretty good heroine, Hunter is sexy as sin and for some blissful moments we get to see our favorite little luxen, Daemon, who else?
The book has a great story and raises a lot of questions to the people who follow the Lux Series: Who are the bad guys after all? Luxens or Arums?
And are we, human people, really that naïve?

Well, another extremely good reading. But then again, I don’t think I’ll ever be disappointed with a book of this author.
You may go read it, for real now. ;)