Too many books, too little time.
Faking It - Cora Carmack …We should live like we smoke — Inhale the present and exhale the past.

Max parents are ultra conservative… and she’s the opposite of that. With tattoos, lead singer of a rock band and with a tattooed boyfriend named Mace she is everything that her parents despise. So when they decide to make a surprise visit, she does the only that makes sense in the moment: ask a good guy to be her pretend boyfriend. (Yes, because that’s the solution everyone would choose, right? :P Well, Max is definitely not everyone!)

Cade is the chosen guy. He is everything that Max believes not be able to make like her for who she is, and Cade believes that a girl like Max will never be happy with a guy like him. Both haunted by ghosts of the past, they are too afraid to try to change that. Lack of communication, people!!

I liked this book. Probably more than the first one, because I connect more with Cade and Max that with Bliss and Garrick. It was nice saying them again, but I was kind of sad how Bliss and Cade’s relationship ended… it made sense, but was sad nonetheless.
Cade is a really great guy, Max is awesome and this is good and light book. If you need a pick-me-up book, this is perfect!

You can go read it now ;)