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Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes Rating Clarification: 3.5 Stars

“Don't miss out on life because you're afraid of what might happen, that is no way to live, darling.”

Before I start this review I've got to say (probably for the 200th time, but what can I do? I like to repeat myself xD) that I LOVE rock stars stories. Yes, I know what you going to say: Who doesn’t?

But, much to my displeasure, this book was just “okay”. In a way I blame the writing style that was a little confusing and… meh. (Yes. I’m doing a great job at explaining myself. Thank you for noticing!)


Scott is the traditional rock-star: Sexy, with an orgasmic voice, bad-boy, cocky and a womanizer façade that he uses to hide his ghosts and commitments issues. (He never had a girlfriend or any type of relationship. He uses girls for a few hours and then it’s time to go.)
Emma is the traditional good girl, with daddy issues that prevent her from falling in love with guys like Scott. But unfortunately their attraction is immediate and none of them can do anything about it.


Since Scott is Emma’s cousin best-friend and they share the same group or friends, they are forced to spend a lot of time together and form a friendship. But with time said friendship starts to be insufficient and they have to overcome a lot of difficulties in order to try to be happy: together or not. Being the biggest difficulty themselves, that try everything in their power to avoid what they're feeling.


I heard a lot of reviews saying how angsty this book was. To be honest I didn't think it was. Nerve wracking? Totally.
Frustrating? HELL-F***ING-YES

Most of the time I wanted to slap both of them. Preferably with a book against their faces. Emma is utterly annoying through a great amount of the book and Scott is an asshole for the same length. He ends up redeeming himself in the end (when she finally stops being dumb) but it was NOT ENOUGH. After all the excessive amount of drama we deserved more.

I really loved the premise of the story and I liked the book. The writing style, the constant annoyance with the characters and unnecessary drama kept me from really loving it.
But I’ll definitely read the second hoping it gets better. In the end, I really can't resist a musician. ;)