Too many books, too little time.
Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower I must say I didn't even knew this book until a GR friend recommended it to me, and I'd became curious, since everyone was saying what a great book this was. Well, they're not mistaken. This is, in fact, a great book.

The profundity of the main characters was something extraordinary. Haven never had anything, and I mean, ANYTHING, considering that she lived her whole life as a modern slave in the middle of the desert until she was sold to a member of the mafia. She didn't had any possessions, she slept on the stables with the horses and she even had to hide the fact that she could read from her "master". She was abused, beaten and physically and psychologically hurt every day of her life. And yet, she was extremely sweet, optimist and with a passion for life as if life had always been great to her. She was extremely intelligent and with an extraordinary capacity to see the real nature of the people around her.

Carmine, under the shell of the bastard playboy, violent, spoiled and rich asshole, was a great guy. He was sweet, passionate, concerned with his family but was lost and bearing a guilt that no one understood. He needed someone who saw the good he had in himself, who believed in him and made him saw that he was much more than what he showed. And that was what Haven did.

And like a colpo di fulmine, they were drawn to each other.
Their romance was beautiful. He taught her how to live, how to enjoy the world. She taught him how to always appreciate life... in any way that life is given to us. She show him the good he had inside, that he was so much more than what he used to think of himself. He promised to do anything to get her free even if it meant losing her.

The secondary characters were also great. Neither of them was perfect... far from it. They all did bad things (Except for Dominic, he really was almost perfect!), they all did things that they regretted but in the end of the day they were just humans, with an whole other side that made us love them. Nobody was to perfect or to bad, which made the story so believable and so realistic.

The end, for me, even very good considering everything that happened, was bittersweet. Yes, she become free and they end together. But Corrado in the hospital and the loyalty vows Carmine had to make, restrained the end of being absolutely perfect. But... just like the story and characters, nothing is life is ever to perfect.

This is, without a second of doubt, a book definitely worth reading.