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Delayed Penalty (Crossing the Line, #1) - Shey Stahl "There are times that you never want to cross a line. Maybe fear holds you back, but there's something important about crossing a line. You'll never know what side to be on until you cross it."

First I’ve got to start this review by saying that I’m probably biased, since I have a soft spot for hockey players when several years ago, my brother-in-law started to making me see the NHL games on ESPN (which is already weird, considering we live in Europe). And not only that but we have a drinking game during the game time (due to the time difference the games here are always late at night), where one of the reasons for us to drink, is every time I say that a player is good looking, or cute, or hot. Or all of the above. So as you see, my love for hockey players comes from a long time. As so, I couldn’t help but love Evan.


Evan Masen is a hockey player for the NHL team, Chicago Blackhawks. One night, returning home after celebrating a winning game, he hears strange noises in an alley. When he goes see what’s going on, he finds Ami, fighting between life and death, covered in blood and with ripped clothes. Without a second of doubt, he takes her to the hospital, when after having been beaten almost to death and raped, she is induced in coma. Evan is drawn to the girl he saved, with whom he never talked or met. But for some reason he keeps going to see her until she wakes up from the coma.


After she wakes up, Ami has no one. Her family died a few months ago in a plane crash and she had come to Chicago to start fresh and try to be a ballerina. But the boy that saved her and whose voice she kept remembering never stops visiting and her connection starts in the hospital, then he offers her help and she stays with him until her life get back on track. And that’s how their story starts, but they’ll have a lot of fights ahead of them, and not all of them are possible to solve during a hockey game.


The only reason I’m not giving this book five starts is because during a great deal of it, it was painfully slow. We needed more action on the beginning. And Ami, although I liked her, was too blank, she needed a bit more of personality. Other than that, I loved all of it.

Evan is great and it’s very refreshing to see a book about a good guy. Although he’s not a saint he is not a playboy, he’s not broken, he’s not bad. He’s a normal guy, sexy in a discreet way and with a hot job. All the supportive characters were also pretty good (I think I’m in love with Leo!). The story is original and very good to read. You should try it.

Definitely a series that I’ll keep my eye on! ;)