Too many books, too little time.
My Favorite Mistake - Chelsea M. Cameron This book tells us the story of Hunter and Taylor a.k.a. Missy.
They are both broken, they both have secrets that don’t want to share and they both have parts of their lives that they will do anything to keep private.
So when they are forced to be roommates it’s not going to be easy to coexist, especially when Taylor doesn't trust guys and will do anything to put him away.
So they make a bet: If she can prove to him that either hate him or love him he will go away and leave their house.
But as the time passes they found that between love and hate is a tiny line and with every day they spent more and more together they start becoming unsure in which side of the line they are.
And when Taylor’s problems come back to haunt her again, they must learn how to live with the traumas and decide what they will do with themselves.

The story is sweet and is really good to see how they struggle to find a way of dealing with their past and try to look for a future… without ever forgetting the bet. Lord helps if a bet is something to forget!!
After all, as Hunter said, even fucked up people deserve a chance to be completely happy! :)
Go read it, now! ;)