Too many books, too little time.
On Demon Wings - Karina Halle This book starts 6 weeks after the events of Lying Season.
During that time Perry was in a really bad place, she had lost her job, her best-friend and the man she loved, and had to go back to her parent’s house.

“I nodded dumbly, feeling useless, rejected.

But when things are finally start to get better: she has a new job and is starting to make new friends… darkness appears again. And this time worse than ever.


Things that catch fire suddenly, visions, people that shouldn’t be there, things that she did and has no memory of, noises that come from the roof and under her bed, strange feelings, messed up dreams… things aren’t looking good for Perry.
But this time is not a job, is not some random haunting that she’s got to catch on tape. This time she’s the one being haunted. And whatever it is that’s messing with her… well, it’s only starting.


Thankfully, the only one who can really help her is back and Dex is more than determined to do whatever it takes to make Perry be okay again.
Unfortunately, it can already be too late.

This was definitely the scariest and more f***ed up of all the books in this series, at least so far. Skinwalkers, ghosts, zombie-like creatures had NOTHING on this.
Because this time it was personal.
I didn’t know when something was really happening or it was just Perry losing her mind. I had this feeling through the whole book that she was going to lose it at any moment, or that something completely horrible was going to happen.
I had my heart on my hands during the whole book, and believe me, there was parts that were a completely mind-fuck. And the more we found stuff and some questions were finally answered, the mind-fuck only grew bigger.
I didn’t know what the hell was happening, all I knew was that I was missing Dex like crazy, wanted to severely hurt Maximus and slap the hell out of her parents. And kiss Ada: did I already told how awesome she is?? For a Little Fifteen she is really mature and during a great deal of the book the only true supporter of Perry.

Well, anyway. This was awesome (apparently that’s the only word that comes to my mind when I think about describing these books!).
To the next one, now! :D